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The Keys Crystal Pomeroy

Shining between the shards of myth, relic and records both oral and written, lay the remnants of a higher science that long ago prevailed among healers and way- showers. This is the legacy of Jesus, Buddha, Quetzalcoatl, Hermes and the great teachers before them –many of whom were women whose names have been erased from collective memory.
Today, although few are aware of its most ancient roots and the invisible light beings that promote it, this knowledge is reemerging. Millions of people are discovering their personal connection to a Presence of Love, Light and Power that has no concern for doctrines, but shares Itself directly with each and every one of us.
The memory of Oneness is encoded in your being, as are your gifts of choice and manifestation.
Alchemy Science develops and shares keys to reawaken your latent gifts, demonstrate your connection to all-powerful Source… and move homeward to Joy.

Testimonies Crystal Pomeroy

-Pauline Bondonno, Author and Publisher, Berkeley, California

“In the small town in Italy where she lives, my cousin Giselle was bedridden with cancer. Despite months of medical treatment, her condition had continued to worsen. All involved had given up hope. After two healing sessions with Crystal, Giselle began to rally. She was soon up and around. Now, several months later, she’s well and living an active, healthy life. It’s a miracle. Crystal’s beautiful work and words have opened new spiritual vistas for my cousin and I.”

-Claudia Schimmer, RN Supervisor, Asthma Educator, Larkspur, CA

“The prospect of funding my son’s studies in the college he wanted seemed daunting at best. I applied Crystal’s suggestions and in a matter of days, it came together. Besides the practical benefits, increased awareness has brought greater peace and meaning to my life, and I’m better able to help others.”

-Liza María Hernandez, Homemaker, Mexico

“My husband Victor was working as an independent producer and he had become completely stuck. I was giving dance classes at home to keep meals on the table for our two small children. Soon after we started studying with you, the way opened for him to start a successful business as an independent contractor for a major international restaurant chain. I’ve shared my understanding with our kids; their self-esteem has improved and the atmosphere of our home has become cheerful and harmonious… One by one, our dreams are coming true.”

-Betty Gonzalez, Sales Manager, Mexico

“My 76-year-old uncle was desperate. His doctor told him that, due to accute circulation problems, his feet would likely require amputation. He came from out-of-town to your healing session. The next day he went for a check-up. His doctor told him that he was out of danger, and would be fine.”

-Juan Elorza, Mexico

“After having worked as an executive for many years, I was unexpectedly let go, without severance pay. I could no longer provide the high standard of living my family had become accustomed to. I began your abundance course. Three months later, through a series of unexpected events, my situation turned around completely. I now have two successful businesses of my own, my family is living better than ever.”

-Lety Guarneros, Mary Kay Senior Director, Mexico

“When you came to give us your course, I was going through a low point with my unit and finances. After a 6-week application with the keys you gave me, my income, sales and unit growth were all up 300%.”

-Alicia Olivo, Business Woman, Mexico

“Whenever I’m going to start a new project, to guarantee its success, I take one of your marvelous courses. The last time I started your abundance seminar I had 8 employees. Four months later, at the end of the course, the number had grown to 300. I highly recommend your courses, treatments, charts and all your services and products.”

Crystal Pomeroy and her work

After a college education in Spanish and Latin American Studies, no longer convinced her mission was to help the world through politics, Crystal was led home to the spiritual world she had been introduced to as a child. Her mother, an erudite scientist, teacher, activist and astrologer, had sparked Crystal’s interest in the esoteric arts and fueled her knowledge since childhood. By the time she was 11, adults were consulting Crystal to interpret their dreams. At age 14, she was calculating and interpreting astrological charts. That same year Crystal began her studies with several renowned teachers, including the likes of Dorothy McClean (To Hear the Angels Sing, Memoirs of an Ordinary Mystic) and Joseph Campbell (The Hero with a Thousand Faces) . Under the tutelage of Reverend Pearl Shannon, she began her intensive practice of affirmative prayer at age 16.
While she was in her twenties, a close friend presented a life-threatening illness, prompting Crystal to deepen her connection with Source, to tune more fully into Love and to awaken her powers of manifestation. Not only was her friend healed, but the results of this experience led to a series of manifestations, including healings, business successes and many other blessings for herself and others. A time came when she realized that her calling was to help others through sharing the universal laws that had changed her life. She began doing this informally and shortly thereafter professionally and on radio, TV and in books and hundreds of articles, reaching millions of people with messages of hope, faith, love and empowerment.
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Astrocoaching Crystal Pomeroy

Astrocoaching ©
In these exciting times, the idea of stars that can curse you or decide your luck is fortunately fading away. When we recognize the creative force of our awareness, studying their movements and meanings helps us work with our opportunities and transcend our limitations. Their light guides our empowerment. Crystal applies her knowledge of metaphysics to chart interpretation and ongoing predictive guidance. Check her daily tips and affirmations at Walk your star-path of power.

Courses and Services


Crystal facilitates assorted courses and events, including:
Awaken to Unlimited Abundance
St. Michael’s Shield
Working with the Angels
Awaken your Feminine Powers of Success
You Can Have It All, with the Prospering Power of Love
Winter and Summer Solstice Blessings
The Best Year of Your Life
She also does in depth astrological and numerological chart interpretations and offers services for life
changes, including metaphysical weddings and blessing ceremonies for departed dear ones (people and pets).


Alchemy Empowerment Sessions
Positive prayer is one of the most powerful activities that exists. Crystal’s weekly Empowerment Group has been meeting, studying and sharing this and related gifts since 1995.
Alchemy Science Healing© Crystal and a group of healers that she has trained with her Alchemy Science healing method, give individual healing treatments.
Alchemy Empowerment sustains ongoing support through gifts to orphanages and leads blanket and Christmas supper drives, reaching hundreds of children, elderly and other needy people in the Mexico City area. The holiday project has inspired sister groups in other cities.


You can read Crystal’s monthly predictions and tips, and her Daily Success Guide in Daykeeper Journal, at For her original sections in Spanish: Astrocoaching and Your Angel's Horoscope, check Mexico City' largest paper, El Gráfico. On Saturdays and Sundays at 3:00 pm, listen to her in the program Vivir con Optimismo, on Radio Centro, 1030 am.

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